AV solution helps you see the full picture by connecting your strategic goals, business processes, and KPIs.  We can quickly transform your enterprise technology from cost-based department into revenue generating asset. 

Business Intelligence & Big Data Solutions
AV unique BI applications enables organizations to become top-performing and analytics-driven entities. From Scorecard’s KPI creation to financial performance and strategy management, AV software is designed to help everyone in your organization make the right decisions that achieve better business outcomes, today and in the future.

Technology Support Services
Our experts work tirelessly to ensure reliability, scalability, security and performance of your systems and applications.  With our flexible deployment options, either on cloud or on premises, we enables your enterprise to easily scale your cost to meet changing business needs.

AV is committed to 4 hours resolution for on premises systems issues as well as real-time 24×7 remote technical support.  With track record 99.9% up-time SLA, we build the tools that can early detect and resolve potential issues before it become a problem or cause any impact your operations.  With AV IT Support, you’ll be able to significantly reduce IT costs up to 50%, rather than a constant drain on your budget, time and resources.

Project and Program Management
AV team brings 55 years of success in the design, development, implementation and support of the most complex mission-critical CRM, ERP solutions.  We are partner with Microsoft,,, IBM Cognous solutions.  We also develop custom plug-ins that can simply unleash the power and visibility to each phase of operational performance results.

Mobile Application Development
We develop complex and powerful application and delivers dependable and creative front-end solutions by creating apps that can do exactly what it should.  Our Solution Architects the right app for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone platforms and then integrate all data sources into a centralized management Web enabled app.

Mobility Solutions
Mobility to an organization means balancing business demands for mobile flexibility while being able to manage the mobile.

Cloud Services
Imagine your business with no more system downtime, outages, maintenance, upgrades, etc.  Or imagine that you can receive KPI alerts, log in your system from another continent and make decision!  AV cloud services team make it possible.  

AV partners with most secure and reliable providers such as Amazon, Box and Microsoft to tailor a plan that best fit your exact needs. With wide range of pre-negotiated rates and pay as you go strategy, we were able to accomplish an average 83% off your entire enterprise technology infrastructure cost. Call us today to schedule a visual risk free assessment.   

Digital Marketing Strategies
Unlike traditional marketing, SEOs, tags and limitless efforts and costs, our experts focuses on creating an Adaptive Marketing Strategy (AMS) for your products and or services to generate and engage leads and seal the deal .

Integration Services
Our architects have the knowledge and experience required to start the ground work to create an efficient and cost-effective system.  We connect all your internal and external data assets and build a solid foundation for your business intelligence.  

Software Testing Solutions
Our innovative hybrid testing solutions focus on meeting your strategic goals by improving your end user productivity and efficiency.