Scalable Data Integration Solutions

A leader in ETL, AVAR is a highly scalable data integration tool for designing, developing, and running jobs that move and transform data on-premises and in the cloud.

With a modern container-based architecture AV combines industry-leading data integration applications, AI, UX, and ML tools, securing governance, and analytics on a single data and AI platform. Deliver trusted data at scale across hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Data Integration Solutions:
AutomatedView Multi-cloud data integration solutions easily deliver trusted data and accelerate innovation by connecting the right data to the right people. Quickly combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable data sets.

  • CRM, ERP Data Integration connects data from distributed databases and systems to boost customer relationship management (CRM) and deliver what customers want or need.
  • Healthcare data integration combines clinical, genomic, radiology, and image data for rapid insights and makes it available for patient treatment, cohort treatment, and population health analytics.
  • Big data integrations sophisticated data warehouses that deliver a unified view of big data from numerous sources to simplify business intelligence processes.