Integration Services

Data/systems integration initiatives are difficult, expensive, and seem to go on forever. Meanwhile, executives are becoming more reliant on data and business intelligence for strategic and operational choices, putting additional pressure on CIOs to act. However, the great bulk of the IT budget is spent on optimizing IT and keeping the lights on.

AV Integration Solutions makes it feasible to fulfill the expectations with no significant expenditures or changes to any current systems to get started and generate results regardless of the number of systems or technologies involved.

In addition to new laws and regulations that necessitate a deep dive into information, and new data sources such as social media and blogs, there are additional silos that necessitate significant effort just to provide an informed report. However, we eliminated the need to address these difficulties to get Business Intelligence tools up and running.

AV provides integration solutions that are adapted to the current requirement and scalable to grow without relying on the completion of migration projects, cloud computing, or even changes to fundamental systems. With our Active Response technology, you can now meet all integration goals virtually without adding any additional load to crunch a report or check a statistic. Furthermore, with Data Security as the foundation, issues about compliance and data governance are addressed, and regulations are enforced using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and User Experience (UX) tools. Simply put, we assist you in transforming old IT as well as advanced technologies into the next era of insight, which supports end-to-end operations and strategically enables executives to make informed decisions.

Our portfolio comprises the following:

Solutions for on-premises, hybrid, and entirely cloud-based deployments Systems and Infrastructure
Modernize and democratize information to influence corporate decisions and outcomes.
IT infrastructure rationalization and transformation services
Solutions for data, information, and content management enabling consistent and dependable access to company information anywhere
Smart Mobility solutions for incorporating cutting-edge mobile technologies into your surroundings and products
IT Security and Risk Management solutions to meet regulatory requirements and enhance corporate security
To achieve a competitive advantage, develop customer-specific software solutions.
Analytics of Big Data and Business Intelligence

Our world is powered by data, which is continuously coming in from every possible device, system, process, and interaction. While businesses may see the potential in their data, utilizing it to inform, advise, and drive growth remains a challenge.

According to IDC research, firms can generate $1.6 trillion in additional value – or the Data Dividend – by investing in full data and analytics capabilities. To maximize the value of that data dividend, today’s digital firms must invest in the correct new data sources and types, metrics, analytics tools, and user access.

With Microsoft technology, data and analytics can help the digital enterprise harness every asset, resource, and opportunity to accelerate growth, create new levels of efficiency, and remain flexible in a constantly changing business climate.

We combine the power of SQL Server 2014 with our global experience and knowledge to create solutions that assist organizations in making confident, timely business decisions that will lead to success today and in the future. SQL Server 2014 allows building high-performance, mission-critical applications, enterprise-ready data assets, and data and analytics solutions easier and more cost-effective.

Our services enable making the most use of internal talent and free resources for manual back-office work, scalability, and adaptability in information services, concentrate on end-to-end analytics for each phase of the process, infrastructure offloading and routine data synchronization attempts to develop organizational capabilities for leveraging information to recognize and respond to concerns.