Integration Services

Data/systems integration projects are challenging, costly, and feel like it never ends.  Meanwhile, leaders are more dependent on data and business intelligence for strategic as well as operational decisions, creating more pressure on CIOs to do something.  However, it is a fact that the vast majority of the IT budget is to optimize IT and keep the lights on.

Most COTS and GOTS integration solutions propose a new SaaS, IaaS, storage, third-party tools, and more to just get a reliable “muted” data warehouse in place as a start point.  It is frustrating and challenging.

AV Integration Solutions makes it possible to meet the demands with no significant investments or changes to any existing systems to get started and produce results regardless of the number of systems or technologies involved.  

In addition to new laws and regulations that demand deep dive into information, and new data sources, such as social media, and blogs, adding more silos that require major efforts to simply produce an intelligent report.  But we made it possible with no need to address these challenges to get Business Intelligence tools running.

AV offers integration solutions that are tailored to the current need, and scalable to grow with no dependencies on the completion of migration projects, cloud, or even changes to core systems.  Through our Active Response technology, now you can achieve all integration goals virtually with no added load to crunch a report or validate a metric.  In addition, with Data Security being the backbone, compliance and data governance concerns are eliminated, and rules are enforced through Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and User Experience (UX) tools.  We simply help you transform legacy IT as well as sophisticated systems into the next era of insight that supports end-to-end operations, and strategically enables leaders to make insightful decisions.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Solutions for onsite, hybrid, and fully cloud-based Infrastructures and systems
  • Modernize and democratize information to drive business decisions and results
  • Rationalization and transformation services to optimize IT infrastructures
  • Data, information, and content management solutions for consistent and reliable access to business information everywhere
  • Smart Mobility solutions to integrate innovative mobile technologies into your environment and products
  • IT Security and Risk Management solutions to meet regulatory requirements and improve the security of business
  • Customer-specific software solutions to gain a competitive advantage

Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Our world runs on data and it is constantly streaming in from every conceivable device, system, process, and interaction. While organizations can envision value from their data, harnessing it to inform, guide, and accelerate growth remains a struggle.

Research from IDC shows $1.6 trillion in additional value – or the Data Dividend – that companies can gain from investing in comprehensive data and analytics capabilities. To get the biggest return on that data dividend, today’s digital enterprises need to invest in the right new data sources and types, metrics, analytics tools, and access for new users.

Data and analytics can help the digital enterprise leverage every asset, resource, and opportunity to accelerate growth, drive new levels of productivity and remain flexible in a constantly changing business climate with Microsoft technologies.

We combine the power of SQL Server 2014 with our global experience and expertise to build solutions to help businesses make confident, timely business decisions to guide them to success today and into the future. SQL Server 2014 makes it easier and more cost-effective to build high-performance, mission-critical applications, enterprise-ready data assets, and data and analytics solutions.

Our services allow for:

  • Maximizing the use of internal talent and free resources utilized for manual back-office tasks
  • Scalability and flexible information service
  • Focus on end-to-end analytics for every step within the process
  • Offload infrastructure and routine data synchronization efforts
  • Build organizational capabilities to leverage information to detect issues and act