Cloud Services

AV Cloud Services offer an IaaS solution that helps businesses be more nimble while still maintaining tight cost and risk controls of IT infrastructure. Customers with mission-critical and specific security requirements can take advantage of our secure, countrywide environment, available in both public and private solutions, which delivers better levels of performance and isolation.

Some of the strong capabilities included in our Cloud Services that can help streamline your company processes are:

  • Virtualized Linux and Windows-based virtual servers: Through AV Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) services, your engineers set up your private network, and data center, replete with a firewall, computing resources, storage space, and remote management tools.
  • Virtual Desktop: where your employees can access your computer in the cloud and use all of your usual software including Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Dynamics GP, CRM, ERP, and many others.
  • Hosted SaaS, IaaS, DCaaS, VoIP, and IVR: You may forego the cost and hassle of a traditional PBX system. Consider migrating your phone system to cloud-based VoIP services.
  • Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, AWS, and GC:  Improve marketing, sales, and customer service while staying in sync with cloud-based collaboration, file-sharing, document-editing, and content management tools.