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Yasser A. Shalaby is the Chief Technology Officer at AutomatedView Technologies, an enabler of Information Technology modernization, innovation, digitalization, and Business Process Automation. Yasser has more than 15 years of experience in helping organizations and Government Agencies in transforming, maximizing, and aligning the role of technology to be able to meet today’s business demands; successfully innovating and implementing new solutions with the most reliable and innovative technology providers in the world, while engaging with the Data Scientists, Software Architects, customers and executives to ensure seamless streamlined and successful solutions delivery.

Data Security & Governance

AV partners with the world’s most innovative Cybersecurity technology providers and security intelligence experts to enforce Zero tolerance for governance and compliance matters.

AV provides comprehensive expertise with end-to-end support coverage for your entire system’s security. With our exceptional expertise in infrastructure and application security, we assist our customers in resolving existing/chronic issues, identifying systems deficiencies, and building solutions through an autonomous, artificially intelligent system that works 24X7 to monitor, examine, detect, and diligently address, as well as mitigate, the risks of cyber attacks, compliance and data breach.