“AMAZING Team…  AutomatedView team was able to reduce $22M in 1 yearn of operational cost for Verizon Communications, while improving CCI rate by 18%.  The results definately have exceeded my expectations.  It is a team you must have for your technology support”

Staven P. Cannale.
Verizon Communications
Sr. VP – Customer Service Operations

” Although I had pretty strong technical background, I really never imagined what AutomatedView BI service can do.  It is incredible to have finally an automated dashboard that I can schedule to receive via email anytime I want.  Now I feel that I am connected at anytime with ability to find answers for any issue through the truly intelligent dashboard the team was able to design for us.  Thank you team”

Suri Sanderdeeb
Al Manar Outsource – UAE

“Prior to hiring AUtomatedView, our IT cost was completely out of control with new issues almost arise on a daily basis.  Server memory, virus, hacker, it was really driving me crazy.  Thanks to AV team, now we do not even have any onsite servers, routers, etc.  AV team was able to migrate all our systems to virtual cloud and a fraction of the electrical cost ONLY, not to mention maintenance, daily downtime, etc.  All we needed now is an extremely resonabile and reliable Internet service which was also recommended and supported by AV team.”

John G. Moor
President – Tri-County Medical Center

” When we hired AutomatedView, we were confident that there is no such a technology a solution can help us meet our business demands.  We have at least 10 or 15 different technologies that did not talk and became extremely cumbersome to manage.  Major IT companies had the same answer to rebuild everything which was not an option due to nature of our business.  However, thanks to AV, they were able to connect all our systems automatically from the backend while designing a truly beautiful one single interface that now we use to do everything instead of toggling, re-log in and out, etc.  Really outstanding job, thank you team”

Kent Messersmith
Verizon Corporate
VP of financial systems