Helpdesk Support Services

AutomatedView brings innovation to your service desk.

Whether it is a critical project or an ongoing program, help with programming or designing services, we bring innovation to your service desk. With around-the-clock CI/CD capabilities and strengthening collaboration and management support. Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to design and manage complex IT support operations, streamline processes, and enhance customer satisfaction while maximizing value for each client. We construct service desks from concept to completion, operate, and manage your entire operations.

We provide remote, onsite, and hybrid options depending on your business needs.


  • Successfully implemented more than 50 complete call centers worldwide from scratch for our clients through on-shore and outsourced
  • Support 33 different languages with fully AI Chat capabilities
  • Implemented, trained, and continuously improved performance of more than 12,000 agents with specialized knowledge areas
  • Efficient experience with almost all Call Center, helpdesk, and customer contact management solutions
  • Quickly assess the need, proactively detect and manage issues
  • Create a Real-Time visual insight into your operations, KPIs, Scorecards, interactive issue analyzer, and more
  • We help you immediately build and align your web document libraries, training apps, Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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