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Why AV Technolgies?

AV enables you to significantly boost your IT capabilities while slashing your expenditures by up to 50%. We remove guesswork from the equation in a new era of autonomous automation, lean, intelligent, agile, and scalable technology fabric.

Why AV is Different?

Expertise in Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Systems Integration, and Data Warehouse, Process Automation, Strategic Technical, and Tactical Alignment, and Digitalization
We drastically and diligently speed the efforts of new ideas, products, and services are brought to your market; bringing velocity to value for our customers.
We define processes, tools, and frameworks and conduct assessments to help your business re-organize to be more productive and efficient. You pay for our services from actual calculated reduced cost and waste of resources.
With AV Managed IT Services, helps you not only effectively manage your IT, but also proactively detect and resolve issues before they can cause any damage to your business. With our team, you will witness the evolving intelligence of CI/CD along with the dynamics of an ongoing cost reduction.

The many features and benefits of partnering with AV for your IT needs include:

Comprehensive Technical Support

Product Discounts

Increased Efficiency

Proactive Technology Support

With AV, your success is our success. That's why we strive to maintain loyal, long-term relationships with the businesses that rely on us for greater efficiency, productivity and profitability.

  • As a company that deals with and struggles with billions of records, when we hired AutomatedView, we were confident that there is no such technology or a solution that can help us resolve our problems, and eliminate the hourglass that was part of our daily routine to watch.  But we said, there is nothing to lose, let's give them a chance. ...

    Kent Messersmith

  • When it comes to modernizing and innovating IT, business applications, digitalization, and business processes, automation, Yasser Shalaby is a go-to guy to ensure successful outcomes.  Yasser has consistently exceeded all our expectations resolving problems and limitations we've suffered for years within a few weeks with simple, yet powe...

    John G. Moor

  • Although I had a pretty strong technical background, I really never imagined what AutomatedView BI service can do.  It is incredible to have finally an automated dashboard that I can schedule to be sent to my email, starting my day with the comprehensive insight I needed to eliminate surprises and plan accordingly.  Now I am connected all th...

    Suri Sanderdeeb

  • "AMAZING Team...  AV team was able to reduce $22M in 1 year of operational cost for Verizon Communications while drastically improving the productivity and effectiveness of almost all call centers.  The results definitely have exceeded all my expectations.  It is a team you must have for your technology support" Peter Lanvin Verizon Com...

    Staven P. Cannale