Testimonial 1

As a company that deals with and struggles with billions of records, when we hired AutomatedView, we were confident that there is no such technology or a solution that can help us resolve our problems, and eliminate the hourglass that was part of our daily routine to watch.  But we said, there is nothing to lose, let’s give them a chance.

We have at least 15 different technologies and data sources that did not talk and became extremely cumbersome to manage.  Major IT consulting companies had the same answer to rebuilding everything which was not an option due to the nature of our business and the estimated costs.  Thanks to AutomatedView, they were able to connect all our systems automatically from the backend while designing a truly beautiful single web-based interface that now we use to do everything instead of toggling, re-login and out, etc.

Outstanding job, thank you team”

Steven Cannel
Verizon Corporate
SVP Provisioning and Maintenance