Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Delivering superior experiences to your always-on customers while revolutionizing your technology functions to enable sustainable innovation, increase development performance, and reduce cost.

The AV Unified Infrastructure Management (AV-UIM) system is a remarkable infrastructure innovation and modernization technology that is a simple, straightforward, and convenient platform. It is designed to assist you in autonomously managing all technologies within your business, including software, physical and virtual devices, and real-time behavior of internal and external users. It is built with an agnostic fabric that smoothly interfaces with your systems and starts operating right away, resulting in five layers of security for your systems.

AV-UIM backbone is built with innovative proactive security monitoring AI algorisms that translate every transaction, user activity, devices/systems performance, configuration as well as the internal and external Internet of Things activities.

With real-time risk score monitoring and intelligent governance, and compliance analysis capabilities of your business activities, the AV-UIM proactively prevents user errors, mishandling, malicious, and cyberattack risks before it causes any impact on your system.