About Us

At AutomatedView, we deliver the technology that you can count on now and into the future.

AutomatedView (AV) is a full-service technology development and integration company that focuses on creating and maintaining reliable and efficient technology for our clients. Created by a team of former Verizon executives and subject matter experts, AV brings over three decades of high level experience and expertise to serve various capacities of clients’ needs and can handle the most complex technologies in our ever changing market today.

How AV can help:

1.     AV strives to help client’s businesses lead in their market space and stay ahead of the game. This includes safeguarding our client’s data to ensure no hacking or breach of data.

2.     AV helps improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary interfaces and protocols for simple daily company procedures.

3.     AV allows businesses to create true customized business intelligence systems that not only boost company performance, but also analyzes data and sends alerts with detailed issues and solutions.

AV’s overall goals are: to reduce IT costs from company budgets, mainstream and customize sophisticated apps and software solutions, and to improve customer satisfaction to allow for longevity of client’s overall success.