AutomatedView Technologies is a world-leading innovator in business intelligence (BI), business process automation (BPA), software architecture, IT consulting, and technology solutions and services provider.

Our solutions leverage user experience (UX), machine learning (ML), business intelligence (BI), and advanced data analytics to develop a dependable artificially intelligent (AI) solution for your existing environment that increases capabilities while strategically reducing costs.

With our solid reputation and real-world experience in resolving the most commonly complicated and tenacious IT issues, our unique set of Internet of things (IoT) solutions can significantly diminish 30 to 40 percent of your IT costs, back-office processes, and manual processing automation, while simultaneously enhancing the quality of work and success of outcomes.

Our data scientists and engineers collaborate closely with your team to help you logically and meaningfully connect all the dots, build your “as is” full picture, identify problems and opportunities, and design an innovative “to be” module of an autonomous artificially intelligent system that is working 24X7 to monitor, examine, detect, and diligently deal with the issues, and mitigate risks.

Our solutions are based on an innovative host of emerging IoT technologies, all of which work together to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and generate revenue. We service over 300 customers across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our partners include some of the world’s most innovative technology providers, such as Oracle. AWS, Microsoft, Salesforce. Google, Cisco, Avaya, 8X8, Alcatel, Blackberry, HP, and Dell, among others, offer superior support and solutions for all your data products, apps, and systems. We have vast experience and serve clients in the healthcare business, real estate, retail chains, banks, law firms, insurance companies, and telecommunications organizations.