About Us

AutomatedView delivers the technology that you can count on now and into the future…

AutomatedView (AV) is a full-service technology development and integration company. At AV, AV focuses on creating and maintaining the most reliable and efficient technologis enabeling Automation of manual processes, personalized software solutons, Mobile Apps, Networking and Clould Security and management.

Established by a team of former Sr. Executives at Verizon and subject matter experts, AV brings over three decades of high level experience and expertise to serve various capacities of clients’ needs.  We welcome the most challaning complex problems, we always find and implement the solution that works.

How AV can help:

1.     AV strives to help client’s stay ahead of the game starting with Securing your network, systems and applications. This includes safeguarding your business data to ensure no hacking or breach of data.

2.     AV helps improve efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and processes through an effective and dependable solutions.

3.      {erspmalize business and artifecial intelligence systems that enables your buiness to consistenly remains on track.  Out systems can simply send alerts directly to your team with detailed issues and solutions.

Our experts helps your business signeficantly reduce IT costs with  sophisticated apps and software solutions that works directly to improve productivity, effecency and customer satisfaction.